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Concepts In Freight, Inc. – International Logistics Specialists is Who We Are

Wish to know who we are?

Concepts In Freight, Inc. is all about International Logistics. We offer traditional freight forwarding and consolidation services as well as Third-Party Logistics using cutting-edge tools. We provide our customers with efficient shipping solutions at competitive prices without compromising customer service and attention to detail. Our promise is to give quality and personalized services at reasonable prices. And so, we pride ourselves in our ability to customize our services to our clients’ needs.

Our concepts are pretty simple: attention to detail, transparency in communication, flexibility in service, and thorough consideration of our clients’ needs. All this, while maintaining competitive and fair pricing. Indeed, it is our cumulative experience of more than a hundred years that shapes our methods and processes. Hence, our reputation as one of the premier international freight forwarders.

Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy – Delivering Excellence

We move ahead with a singular vision in our mind and hearts. That vision is to become an organization that seeks excellence in everything we do, and where our customers, employees, service partners, and stakeholders are at home.

As we cross the milestone of being a decade old international freight company, we continue to grow with each other. Most of all, we move ahead with our customers and stakeholders in an environment “where everybody knows your name.”

Concepts In Freight, Inc. is grateful to its customers, service partners, and everyone who contributes to our business and growth in their own special way. That makes us who we are today – the most reliable good old-fashioned freight forwarder with the most modern infrastructure and technology.

Today, we offer a massive platform and extensive warehousing capabilities for comprehensive freight forwarding and third-party logistics. We know your shipping, logistical, and packaging needs. And, we also know how to cater to you in the most cost-effective manner.

Company Pholosophy
  • SQF Warehouse80 kSQF Warehouse Space
  • Years Experience100+ Cumulative Years
  • Satisfied Customers1000 +Satisfied Customers
  • Logistics Professionals45+Logistics Professionals


Our clients stand testimony because that is what justifies who we are and well we are doing. There is nothing more reliable than what comes direct from the horse’s mouth.

Taiwo Bashir AyodeleTaiwo Bashir AyodeleCEO of Ozone Motors Limited
“It is a real pleasure doing business with Concepts In Freight. They always answer the phone and it is a real person who answers never a machine. They are prompt in picking up our vehicles and cargo and very fair in their pricing.”
Mr. Ghassan AbboudMr. Ghassan AbboudVice President, ATC Abboud Trading Company.
Concepts In Freight is always professional and reliable. They eliminated my shipping problems as I can now focus on my core business. Theyare experts in international transportation who constantly have my best interest in mind. They get it done .. no excuses!

Meet our team

Here are the heads and hands that make the concept of Concepts In Freight a reality. They make us who we are today. Here are the eyes that stay awake till crazy hours. They work to ensure that the good old-fashioned freight shipping service provider stays abreast with the most modern tools and techniques.

  • Mima Aftimos

    President – Masters in Healthcare and Management

    "The impossible, we do immediately, miracles take a little longer."
  • Fadi Aftimos

    CEO – Bachelor in Engineering and Masters in International Business

    "I enjoy designing solutions for our customers varying shipping needs."
  • Neil Sasso

    Business Development Director – High and Heavy Equipment is my specialty

    "Africa and the Middle East are my expertise."
  • Celine Aftimos

    Operations Director – Masters in Psychology

    "Leading by example and resolving shippers’ problems is what I do day in and day out."
  • Jennifer Roldos

    Bridging the Americas

    "Each day, I put my shipping and logistics experience at the service of my Latin American customers."
  • Marianela Ubilla

    Compliance Manager

    "I make sure that our methods and procedures are up to date with the latest laws and regulations protecting our company and customers."
  • Karolay Cabrera

    Trade Lane Manager

    "I make my customers' wishes come true every day. Our success depends on our customers' success."
  • Michelle Barton

    Trade Lane Manager

    "I put my experience working at major ocean carriers at the service of my clients and co-workers. I know the Caribbean."
  • Sahilys Rodicio

    Small Packages Manager

    "I keep up with the continuously evolving shipping landscape. We are handling more small packages than ever before."
  • Juan Carlos Gutierrez

    Express Service Director

    "Constantly meeting deadlines but anticipating our clients’ needs. Their business is our business."
  • Natasha Cortes

    Air Freight

    "Keenly aware that if you chose air freight to move your cargo means you needed it yesterday."
  • Douglas Pantoja

    Warehouse Manager

    "Handling your shipments in a safe and secure manner, and loading them damage free is my number one job."

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