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RORO Services

Concepts In Freight RoRo Service (roll-on/roll-off service) is one of the most preferred when it comes to shipping wheeled cargo internationally. Our RoRo service goes beyond the traditional port to port transportation as we pick up our customers’ vehicles from all over North America, arrange for basic mechanical services when needed, and move non-running vehicles and trucks. When it is a wheeled cargo, like new or used cars, trucks, tractors, or any other vehicles that you want to ship to an international destination, our RoRo service is second to none. We ensure that the delivery of your vehicles is done as smoothly as its pick-up.

To suit your requirements, there are multiple plans that we offer. And, if there isn’t one that suits your needs, we will create one just for you. Concepts In Freight RoRo service is equipped to carry not just cars, but also all sorts of motorized as well as rolling cargo, and even heavy machinery and equipment.



  • We offer roll-on/roll-off services via sea freight for all motorized and static cargo.
  • You can trust us for door to port service without hassle and right on time.
  • Tailor-made price models that suit your cargo requirements for your running and non-running vehicles
  • 24*7 Cargo tracking through the most modern tools and technology
Running and Non-Running Vehicles

Running and Non-Running Vehicles

While a lot of RoRo service providers offer sea and ocean freight only for cars, Concepts In Freight offers you services for all motorized and non-motorized vehicles – cars, trucks, tractors, boats, buses, caravans, travel trailers, cranes, excavators, and heavy machinery and equipment.

Our roll-on/roll-off service is never hard on your pocket while still delivering time-oriented results. Also, it costs you much less than container cargo shipping, in general. Our service makes it easy for you to receive your cargo at the port in the most convenient and the safest manner. With this option, your vehicles are ready to be driven right away. Choose Concepts In Freight to roll-on/roll-off your vehicle shipments in the most efficient possible manner.

Convenient Door Pick-Up Service

Convenient Door Pick-Up Service

While a lot of cargo that we receive is in driving condition, there are also cases when the vehicles are brand new, right out of the store, or heavy machinery and equipment that you cannot manage to transport till the port. Here is where Concepts In Freight’s RoRo services go a step ahead to assist you.

We offer door pick-up service for your cargo from commercial as well as residential locations. We even offer to pick up the consignment from auction sites in order to be shipped from our port. In case of running vehicles, we also give you handy instructions about preparing your vehicles beforehand for sea/ocean freight through roll-on/roll-off service.