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Now that the earth is one global village, distribution and logistics have become an integral part of businesses, big and small. The world is moving at a faster pace than ever. To help you keep up with it, we offer a full menu of logistics services, from basic storage to inventory management, pick and pack operation, transportation, and delivery. Our services can also be upstream such as product location and quality control, ordering, and customs clearance.

Our experts, specializing in various fields of logistics, offer you complete logistics solutions or an “à la carte” menu from which to pick and choose. Complete 3PL and 4PL services are also on the menu. Be it warehousing, picking and packing (repacking), transportation, inventory management, or ordering and invoicing, Concepts In Freight has just the expertise you are looking for. Talk of logistics, and we give you the best of services, the good old-fashioned way but with the most modern technology.



  • A full à la carte menu of 3PL/4PL services for your goods
  • Our tailor-made service plans give you the ease of profiting from our distribution and logistics like you want it.
  • A comprehensive range of services makes sure that we include every warehousing and logistics service that you need.
  • Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or a retailer, we hear you and we are here for you.


Warehousing Service

Looking for a professional warehouse service to store and manage your goods? There is no name more trusted for distribution and logistics than Concepts In Freight. We are very well the good old-fashioned warehouse service providers but with an edge. Our use of the most modern tools and warehouse technology is what keeps us ahead of the rest. It is what also keeps your goods in safe hands. We understand that warehousing is much more than just storage and that is why we offer complete turnkey solutions.

Our expert warehouse managers and our fully equipped warehouses ensure the safety of your goods. We load and unload for you in our 24*7 warehouse, so you don’t face any time constraints or late deliveries. You can trust our smart facility for the smartest warehousing service.

Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack Service

If your business is in need of a service provider for picking and packing, Concepts In Freight is the go-to address.

Picking and packing is one of the trickiest and time-consuming processes in warehousing, distribution and logistics. For e-commerce businesses, there can be nothing more critical. Third party warehousing and logistics are what e-commerce businesses rely heavily on for their storage and distribution management. With vast experience in global supply chain, Concepts In Freight makes picking and packing a breeze.

We locate and consolidate all your inventory as you want it, when you want it with the best optimized processes to save you precious time and money. So, you can bank upon us for efficient picking and packing of your inventory and for timely and safe delivery to your customers.


Transportation Service

Logistics are, indeed, us. The backbone of manufacturing businesses is logistics. And, the backbone of distribution and logistics is the ability to move goods from manufacturers, to wholesalers, to retailers, to customers through cost-effective and time-efficient transportation service.
Concepts In Freight logistics and transport services ensure all this and more. With transportation services ranging from ocean/sea cargo, air freight, road transport and more, we offer you a comprehensive plan for moving your goods from source to destination nationally and internationally. We ensure that we give you whatever it takes to guarantee the best of transport facilities. And, this is exactly why customers would want to rely on us.

We customize all services according to your transportation needs, so that you pay only for what you get. And, you can track the movement of your goods with our avant-garde tracking tools.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Service

We manage your stock and inventory for you the professional way. Even as a small or medium-sized business, managing inventory can seem a big challenge, primarily because of lack of infrastructure and experience in supply chain management. That’s why outsourcing warehouse logistics management is a wise option.

Concepts In Freight brings this expertise to you. While you manage the other aspects of your business, we take care of your inventory for you. We help your business in maintaining records, sourcing, replenishing, etc., so that there is no lapse in the supply chain. A well-managed inventory means that you meet the demand with the apt supply in the shortest possible time-frame.

We work with precision because we rely on the most modern tools and processes to manage your stock and inventory. You are always sure with Concepts In Freight of having the right inventory, in the right quantity at the right time.

Ordering and Invoicing

Ordering and Invoicing Service

When it comes to order and invoice management, there is no room for errors since your profits and your goodwill depend on it. We provide you with services that use the most cutting-edge tools and technologies for ordering and invoicing. Starting from price mechanisms to managing customer and vendor accounts, to creating invoices, we do everything for you.

With our expertise in global supply chain, ordering and invoicing are two processes that we excel in. As the market becomes increasingly dynamic, we offer you equally dynamic solutions for managing sales, purchases, and invoicing in a streamlined and reliable manner.

Trust Concepts In Freight for the ordering and invoicing needs of your business.