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Isn’t it nice to have a little bit more than you need? Our freight forwarding added value services are just that extra bit that you would like to have. Apart from our major services – Ocean/Sea Freight, Air Freight, RoRo and Distribution, we offer our Added Value Services to make it even easier for you. Our services like repacking or on the contrary, dismantling equipment (so they fit inside containers), insurance, re-labeling, and more, provide you ease of business while saving you time and effort.

Concepts In Freight, Inc. makes shipping safe and hassle-free. Call us today and start enjoying the service that takes away the headache of logistics and assists you in ensuring that your customers are simply happy customers. Accompanied by our impeccable range of freight forwarding added value services, cooperative multilingual staff, modern tracking tools, shipping just got way easier for your business.


  • 5+ Freight Forwarding Added Value Services at your disposal
  • Ease of customized services from Concepts In Freight
  • Add safety insurance and convenience to your shipping experience at prices that are unrivaled.
  • Experienced experts at your service to ensure that your goods are repackaged, labeled/re-labeled, stored, and managed in the right manner

Repackaging Service

Repackaging Service

Worried if your goods are being shipped in proper packing. You don’t have to. You can avail our added value repackaging services. Export cargoes, be it to any part of the globe, demand appropriate and safe packaging for the sort of transport medium that you’ve chosen. Whether it is ocean/sea freight, or air cargo, we ensure repackaging your goods for maximum safety.

Export cargoes need professional packing whether you have chosen FCL, LCL, or any other services. In case the packing is not what is required, the odds of damage increase. We ensure that your goods are packaged the right way and ready to move. Also, our experts do it for you according to the requisites that export warrants. So, you can rest assured that the packaging and shipping will be done properly.

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

Moving with an insurance policy in place always gives you extra peace of mind. Those of you who have businesses that use international cargo are well-aware of the importance of marine insurance. But why go anywhere else when your Concepts In Freight can get it here for you?

Concepts In Freight provides you trusted and comprehensive marine cargo insurance that covers the risk of transportation from the supplier’s door. This makes import and export safe and reliable for your business, customers, and vendors.

We keep the process simple for you so that you are saved a good deal of time, money and effort. Our multilingual staff makes sure that you understand all the clauses of the insurance before you sign up for it, in order to know what you are buying.


Dismantling Service

When we talk of heavy machinery or equipment, it is not always possible to ship them as they are. To be able to make them fit into standard ocean containers, you will need our disassembling/dismantling services.

The experts at Concepts In Freight make sure that they properly disassemble heavy equipment to make them fit in standard cargo containers for sea shipping. Not only that; we also ensure that we reassemble it before delivery, thus making your job easy.

You can rely on us for doing this job meticulously while following the safety standards, causing no damage, whatsoever to your equipment.


Labeling/Re-labeling Service

For businesses, exporting a cargo internationally can be pretty much a headache if they are unaware of the requisites of cargo labeling. Concepts In Freight comes to your rescue here. We know how it’s done right, and we do it for you.

Apart from helping you with the right sort of packaging, we make sure that we extend a helping hand for labeling/re-labeling your goods meant for export. Every cargo meant for export to another nation needs to meet the labeling requisites that the destined country mandates. We specialize because of our global knowledge and experience in sea/ocean and air freight.

Our staff with a century of cumulative experience in import and export are well-equipped with the necessary know-how. Trust us for labeling/re-labeling service that is error-free and as reliable as can be.

Segregation of Domestic

Segregation of Cargo

The need for cargo segregation arises for different reasons:  Only a portion of your order is urgently needed and you want to just send that portion by air, your supplier mixed up your order and you need to return a portion, your shipment contains hazardous material that is incompatible with the rest of the cargo….  No matter what the reason for segregation is we do it.

Hazardous segregation is done to keep apart incompatible goods, substances and materials. We keep the hazardous goods and other goods in a separate and apart section of our warehouse following safety procedures. We segregate hazardous cargo by class and category keeping safety as our number one concern.

Your goods always stay safe with Concepts In Freight.